7 VW Polo Car Seat Covers  with Waterproof Protection

7 VW Polo Car Seat Covers with Waterproof Protection

The VW polo seat covers probably the best protection for your car. Going by the superior German standards associated with built quality, the Polo Car gets a sophisticated and neatly arranged cabin.

The beige and black color scheme contrast well with the silver inserts that the vehicle has grasped with the latest makeover.

The controls positioned on the steering wheel are made up of black piano elements, which tends to make it look lively and graceful simultaneously.

So far as seating capacity and storage spaces, it’s four persons setting capacity. The back seat Covers for Polo in UK are supportive and comfortable but lacks passenger legroom.

VW Polo car Seat Covers Specification Details

Space in the boot is average and is only able to engulf small luggage. The Volkswagen polo seat covers has a 1.2-liter petrol motor that churns out 75bhp and 110Nm of torque in the standard avatar.

In the GT TSI variant, the same engine is turbocharged, and that takes its power output of 105bhp along with a peak torque of 175Nm.

The former gets a five-speed manual gearbox, whereas the latter will come with a seven-speed automatic one

It is very important to maintain your favorite car interiors. Car seats cover provide the right look to the car interiors. Thus, they protect your car from spills, smudges, stains, etc.

New vw polo car seat covers In UK are very less price and easily available. To protect your vehicle from all odds and damages, you need a good set cover.

That’s why here we will provide details about some best VW polo seat cover for you.

Classic VW Car Seat Covers Set Front & Rear

This Xtremeauto® Best seat covers for VW polo– you can purchase readymade and tailor-made layouts, seat covers in UK to guard your car slot depo dana 5k insides with manner, and attach pleasure for a lengthy period.

They provide you the opportunity to pick from a diversity of accessible choices best for your car.

All the seat covers are the perfect fit for your vehicle, which keeps your comfort. Whether you need 1 product or more extra or seeming for a total makeover of your car.


  • High-Quality Automotive Grade PU Leather.
  • Car Seat Covers made to custom fit for vw Car Model Only.
  • Tear Resistance level with Automotive Standards.
  • 14mm foam is used.
  • These seat covers are built on advanced devices for complete attachment & excellent finishing. It will not crumble into your seat or Become unfit.
  • Automotive Threads which do not Bleed.
  • Fitment Method Requires the use of Compound Tape Cables and Wires Manually attached to the car seat.
  • Craftsmanship in Every Stitch.
  • Simple to Wash and Keep.
  • Material has Permanent Dry Feel.
  • Resistant to UV Rays.
  • Extremely soft and delicate.

FIT Set of Red/Black VW Car Seat Covers

These polo seat covers are made of leatherette, artificial leather. This seat cover gives more support and fashion to your seats, giving your car insides a sensual appearance.

It highlights the non-fading and added support backing to give permanent strength. It guards original padding against dust, water, and all kinds of waste.

On top of that, the material is water-proof and keeps elasticity over a broad temperature variety.

You can simply wash it and buy an appropriate size for a special car design. With several colors to pick from, one can instantly spruce up his car’s form remainder.


  • Complete set of VW Polo car seat cover.
  • Machines make these seat covers for perfect fitting, stitching, and excellent finishing. It is manufactured exactly as per the seats of your car for excellent attachment.
  • It is created of leather and synthetic leather.
  • UV resistant, Tear-resistant, and Anti-fungus. 
  • It does not scramble or become unfit into your car. 
  • Simple to wash.

Upgrade4cars Car Seat Covers Full Set in Black and Grey

𝗨𝗽𝗴𝗿𝗮𝗱𝗲𝟰𝗰𝗮𝗿𝘀 f𝗿𝗼𝗻𝘁 p𝗮𝗶𝗿 Volkswagen polo seat cover is your faithful companion for a comfortable driving experience. 𝗠𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗮𝗹& f𝗲𝗮𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗲𝘀 are high-quality polyester with extra foam padding. This seat cover is available in Black and Grey colors. This stuff slot wcb is adaptable, easy-care, washable at 30 degrees & airbag compatible. This cover ser comes with four-seat covers and headrest covers.

Available in Universal size but suitable for VW Polo cars. Guards your vehicle seats from waste and damage. These seat covers are easy & fast adjustment, an affordable price with better performance.


  • It creates the inside of your car as it satisfies your thoughts.
  • It not only improves the look of your car but also shields it from everyday wear and moisture.
  • Includes the full car seat.
  • Easy & fast adjustment.
  • Proper for VW Polo cars.
  • An airbag is compatible.
  • Unbeatable cost-performance ratio. 
  • Material: High-quality polyester.
  • Adaptable, Easy care, Washable, and Breathable.
  • Black covers with grey stripes in a sporty design.

Skysep Cartoon FULL SET VW POLO Fit 5 Seats

Does your VW Polo car seat cover get Nasty, carried out, weakened, unattractive, or spoiled? Here’s a Smart and reasonable plan to deal with any of those problems; the Sakura seat covers are a convenient option.

They are VW polo seat covers In UK fit and are designed in classic white/of-white and dark with white shade.

The set includes two headrest covers. Protection is not overlooked because these covers side airbag fit. They are also washable.


  • This Seat Covers – Leading Pair
  • Head pair of seat covers with different headrest covers
  • Side Airbag fit
  • Perfect Fit for VW Polo car
  • Automaton washable
  • The product Material made by Nylon
  • Simple to apply and exclude.
  • Front Pair- Easy to fit by an elasticated hem. Two headrest covers are combined.
  • Back Seat Cover- Provides for crack-folding rear seats to still be used. Also, headrest covers are added.
  • Emergency Bag- Collections are provided in a zip pocket and are pre-washed to be used repeatedly.

Car Seat Covers Faux Leather Full Seat 11 pcs Airbag

This seat covers for polo car measures is a perfect fit in size to fit all VW Polo car. This is an ideal fit size; you can place this seat cover in your car’s head seat.

These seat cover highlights are the protection that keeps it safely in position, and it has non-skid support that stops sliding.

When an of the VW polo car seat covers becomes messy, you can just exclude it with comfort and wash it to get it clean, washed, and available for utilizing again.

These front seat covers are made by suitable materials called oxford fabric, which is proper abrasion-proof, resistant to pet bite, and durable. Furthermore, this seat cover has a special ability to consume water. And also cortical support at the joint, so that has good fitness. This seat cover can be the test of term and supported by a continuance warranty as this excellent feature.

This seat cover is simple to fit with the flexible headrest bands and fast-freeing fasteners.

You can immediately place or transfer it in just a minute. Your car becomes added pretty when finished with a range of Alfheim seat covers, like head seat cover, rear seat cover, and lots more products.

All of them are created from an interracial form with a suitable way and a combined shade. 


  • You can install this seat cover in both seats.
  • This fit seat cover keeps in position safely, and it has non-skid support that stops sliding.
  • These seat covers are simple to fit with the adaptable headrest bands and fast freeing fasteners. You can immediately place it or transfer it in just a minute.
  • When the top becomes messy, you can switch it with comfort and clean it in the laundry machine to get it bright, washed, and available for the utilized repeat.


These genuine VW polo seat covers, which can vary depending on the fit’s vehicle and seat type. You should always follow the mounting instructions to make sure that the covers fit correctly.

As per your VW car seat, installing the covers may take up to 2 hours, holes, where needed, have to be sliced. This is an aftermarket product, and the k-maniac makes it is it an authorized product by the original car cover manufacturer.


  • fits into cars with removable headrests.
  • fits into vehicles with side airbags.
  • fits into cars with heated seats.
  • on the back of the backrest, you can find pockets.
  • highest quality.
  • washable at 30°C delicates washing program.
  • made of flame-retardant and non-fading material.
  • material: sides are made of original car seat fabrics with leatherette elements, the centers are made of highest quality jacquard car seat fabrics with foam lamination.
  • Two front seating area covers.
  • 2 front, backrest covers.
  • Headrest covers.
  • Mounting hooks
  • Installation instructions with the delivery confirmation by email

Walser ZIPP-IT seat covers:

Walser is a global player in the car seat covers market, This set of Walser seat covers has been designed to provide a perfect fit to the VW polo cars, using a smart velour center panel with a piece of high-quality stretch fabric on the sides and back.

They use Walser’s unique ZIPP-IT fitting system. Most seat covers require you to make holes in the VW polo car seat covers to accommodate the headrests.

ZIPP-IT seat covers have discreet zips that you simply close around the headrests, allowing you to fit the headrests simply and neatly without making holes. Unlike most seat covers, they will even adjust to seats where you cannot remove the headrests.

Zips down the side of the seats also accommodate any side levers. This Volkswagen polo seat cover price is very affordable.


  • Made from polyester, with 2mm foam padding.
  • Six pieces: 2 x 2 piece front seat covers (separate parts for seat and backrest) and 2 x headrests.
  • The ZIPP-IT headrest mountings are another Walser patent, integrated zips allow you to fit the headrests and side levers without cutting the seat covers.
  • 2-year guarantee.
  • washing instructions also provide.

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